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Before You Click on [COPY]

This is a Personal Website. This means that the information here is mainly about me, and my experience. Most of what you see here are written by myself. If not, you will see the author’s name (or the source of the article or information) clearly stated. In the past, I have encountered people copying information from my site and claimed as their own. Please do not do that. It is despicable and hurtful. Do understand that this site is the result of years of ‘blood, sweat & tears’. If you find the information here useful and wish to use them or add them to your site (including the images), please check with me first. And please give credit where it is due by linking back to this site.

‘Acting blur’ does not acquit you. You are responsible for your site. Don’t blame other people for contributing copied content without your knowing.

Stealing & copying from this site is not a sign of support! “I like it so much that’s why I take it” is not the right line of reason to take.


Free Downloads from This Site

I have made download-able, printable templates that I have created available for all who want to use them and I do not charge any fee.  Feel free to download for your own use.  However, please do not abuse this blessing by :

1. Claiming them to be your own creations.

2. Selling or using them commercially (including in  commercial preschool/education centre setting; if you are charging parents a fee for your service, you should create and produce your own materials or pay for materials that others create and produce).

3. Reproduce in any manner, form or shape on your website or blogs or whatever other space you squat on in the cyberspace without making a direct link back to this site to give credit where it is due.

4. When you make a link back to this site whether on your blogs or any social media platform (e.g. Facebook), please link it back to the main page, i.e. http://www.parentingjoy.com and not the download page.

Your understanding and co-operation are very much appreciated.