Minestrone Soup

For many years now, every Chinese New Year, I would make a pot of minestrone soup for dinner.  I only cook this once year.  This […] Read More

Masa Recipe 6 : Miso & Bonito Flavoured Stir Fry Cabbage

I usually don’t like to stir fry cabbage because it gets watery and soggy – I dislike soggy vegetables.  This Miso & Bonito Flavoured Stir […] Read More

Masa Recipe 5 : Sake Steamed Assorted Seafood

Sake Steamed Assorted Seafood from Masa’a “Welcome to Bento Time” recipe book is definitely a Quick-and-Easy Meal to prepare.  This ones gets a thumbs up […] Read More

Masa Recipe 1 : Quick & Easy Katsu Don

This post is about how I made a Quick & Easy Katsu Don using a recipe from a book I picked up from Popular last […] Read More

Thai Style Chicken Salad

Serves : 4 Ingredients 2pc            cooked chicken breasts, shredded 2 stalks     lemongrass, chopped fine handful     Chinese […] Read More

Yong Tau Foo

  This is one of my quick and easy one-pot dish.  I think you don’t need to be a cook to do this.  It is […] Read More

Ikan Bilis Powder

I used to have this on hand for quick flavouring of baby food.  However, the preparation can be quite a bit of work and this […] Read More

Modified Claypot Rice

These days, apart from the usual house chores, a large amount of my time is taken in teaching my three children, as well as ferrying […] Read More


Here’s another thing I just learned from a friend. Wraps! Ingredients 1. Salad veggies – basically anything you like! Lettuce, tomatoes, salad greens, cucumber….. 2. […] Read More

Baked Rice or Pasta

  This has to be one of the easiest thing to do if you are short of time. How complicated or easy it is depends […] Read More

Fever Porridge

I give this porridge to my baby when he has a fever and does not have much appetite to eat.   Ingredients   1 tablespoon […] Read More

Chokos Soup

This is a breastmilk boosting recipe. It is another generous contribution from my friend, Lily Tan. I have tried it and it seemed to work […] Read More

Simple Apple Sauce

Apple sauce is very simple to make. It is great to have some on hand because everyone in the family loves it, especially the kids. […] Read More

Sweet Chestnut Porridge

  ‘Tis the season for chestnuts. Have you experimented with using chestnuts in your cooking? Here’s a new recipe I created for Damien. It is very […] Read More