Why We Did Not Sell Multimedia Learning Tools

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My Favourite Mathematics Manipulatives

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Unit Study : Chinese New Year

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四五快读 at the BookFest

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Teaching Volume & Capacity

  If I pour water from one container to another, do I now have more/less water than before?   To adults, this is really a […] Read More

Every Day Maths

Maths is everywhere.  With a little consciousness, you can instill Maths sense in your child in ordinary daily setting.  Instilling Maths sense is more important […] Read More

Books and Youtube

Since I started teaching #3 at home, i have grown to love Youtube.  Youtube was great but now it is even better.  I used to […] Read More

How To Make Tactile Chinese Character Cards

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Review : The Reading Lessons

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Alphabet Train Wall Mural

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