Beef and Leek Porridge

This recipe is adapted from a Lamb and Leek Shepherd’s Pie I made once before.   Ingredients 100g Minced Beef 1 Small Onion, chopped 1 […] Read More


I am a sucker for frozen food. Not those frozen meal-in-bag thing you buy from the supermarket. But homemade frozen food. That’s one way I […] Read More

Grilled Fish Porridge

The grilled fish gives a fragrance to this porridge. Ingredients A slice of fish fillet (e.g. threadfin or cod) Veggie or dried seaweed 2tbs minced […] Read More

Fish & Seaweed Porridge

Ingredients A slice of fish fillet (e.g. threadfin or cod) ½-1 tbsp Dried seaweed, cut into tiny pieces 1½ cups stock ½ cup rice   […] Read More

Porridge, Glorious Porridge

Porridge is really the staple food for Chinese babies. In my opinion, it is a very good baby food because it is delicious, easy to […] Read More

Bell Pepper Chicken Porridge

The flavour of the bell pepper is really good after a bit of grilling. Avoid using green ones for this porridge. The yellow/orange ones are […] Read More

The Truth About Commercial Baby Food

Just like in the case of baby formula, many people mistakenly think that commercial baby food is nutritious, fortified with all the vitamins and minerals, […] Read More

My Baby Food Ingredients

The following are some ingredients that I use for the baby food I make which may need a bit of explanation. Wherever possible, I will […] Read More

Basic Chicken Porridge

Cook 1/2 cup of rice in 1 1/2 cup of chicken stock, adding 2-3 tablespoon of minced chicken meat.  Cook until rice is very soft, […] Read More

Snacks for Tots

Snack is a big thing in a toddler’s life and it will be good if we can take it seriously. By this, I mean not […] Read More

Tofu & Seaweed Soup

Ingredients 2½ cups Chicken stock 3 tbsp minced meat ½tbsp chopped green onion 1pc Silky Tofu 1 egg 1 tbsp dried seaweed (cut into tiny […] Read More

Life-Saving Quick & Easy Meal

This one is good when you forget to cook, or run out of ideas, time or ingredients. But you must have ready supply of Quaker […] Read More

Pasta in Soup or Stew

You can either use soup that you cook for the family (before adding salt and other flavouring), or just stock. Some good soup/stew to be […] Read More

Theme & Variation Of Simple Veggie Soup

Those of you who have some background in music will understand the title. Basically, this is 3 different one-dish meals based on one simple veggie […] Read More