Chokos Soup

This is a breastmilk boosting recipe. It is another generous contribution from my friend, Lily Tan. I have tried it and it seemed to work […] Read More

Steamed Fish Steak

Basically, eating a lot of fish is supposed to help increase your milk supply. So remember to eat a lot of fish during your confinement. […] Read More

Herbal Carp Soup

Yet another fish dish! You can get ‘tung choe’ (Cantonese) or ‘Tong Cao’ (mandarin) from medicine hall. It is a herb used in Chinese herbal […] Read More

Fish Tail & Papaya Soup

This is a ‘classic’ recipe that even the hospital LC will recommend to you. A lot of breastfeeding mothers here know this recipe. It is […] Read More

Soy Beans with Pig’s Knuckles

** This recipe is taken from Chinese Pregnancy & Confinement Cookbook by Ng Siong Mui.  An excellent recipe book that I love and used for my own […] Read More