Breastfeeding Tips I – Getting Started

There are plenty of books and websites and resources on breastfeeding and you can learn all the ‘technical details’ from these places. Most hospitals have […] Read More

Breastfeeding Tips II – At Work

Preparing to Go Back to Work The follow tips are also relevant to stay-at-home-mommies who need to leave their babies to go out some time. […] Read More

Breastfeeding Tips III – Boosting Supply

There are various ways of boosting supply from using herbs (also known as galactagogues), food, pumping, etc. Just remember that your mileage may vary. Things […] Read More

Getting The Hang Of Breastfeeding In Public

Breastfeeding in public is one key skill that any breastfeeding mother must try to master (unless you are prepared not to step out of the […] Read More

My Breastfeeding Journey

I have long achieved my ‘target’ of breastfeeding for at least 6 months. To be honest, I amazed myself. Looking back, I realised that throughout […] Read More

Breastfeeding In The Bible

There are a lot of other websites that cover the subject of ‘Breastfeeding in the Bible’ and honestly, some I agree with and some I […] Read More

Common Apprehensions About Breastfeeding

Like most breastfeeding moms, I get very excited whenever someone I know is pregnant. I will try to ‘convert’ the new mommy to breastfeeding. Most […] Read More


For the record, Dominic weaned at about 32 months, or slightly over 2.5 years.   Definition of ‘Weaning’ “Textbook” definition of weaning is the gradual […] Read More

The Whole Truth About Breastfeeding

You probably won’t be able to find anywhere else what you are about to read. Well, at least, not in the way I am going […] Read More

Prawns with Sesame Oil & Wine

Please note that generally, mothers are not advised to eat prawns during confinement due to the ‘toxic nature’ of seafood such as prawns and crabs. […] Read More

Fish Tail & Papaya Soup

This is a ‘classic’ recipe that even the hospital LC will recommend to you. A lot of breastfeeding mothers here know this recipe. It is […] Read More

Soy Beans with Pig’s Knuckles

** This recipe is taken from Chinese Pregnancy & Confinement Cookbook by Ng Siong Mui.  An excellent recipe book that I love and used for my own […] Read More

Breast Pumps

It helps a lot to have a good breast pump. It is not only a waste of money to get a pump that does not […] Read More

Nursing Wear

It is definitely more convenient to breastfeed when you are wearing nursing wear, rather than normal clothes. It allows for easy access to your breasts […] Read More