Siwukuaidu 四五快讀 Word Cards (Traditional)


Non-tactile word cards for all 6 volumes of 四五快读 plus the Story Book volume (total 7 volumes) in Traditional Chinese script (繁体字).
Take note that some words are different in the Traditional Form but same for the Simplified Form.

E.g. In the original Simplified version, there is the character 发 which is used both for ‘hair’ 头发 and “happen” 发生.  In the Traditional Form, these are two different characters :  hair 頭 and happen 生。

Eg, 干 is the Simplified Form that is used for do 干(什么), or clean 干净.  In the Traditional Form, the former is 幹(什麼) whereas the latter is 乾(淨).

Hence, if you are still using the books, take note that the traditional form may not work for some of the vocabulary listed in the books.

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