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Siwukuaidu Tactile and Non-Tactile cards, Word Search, and Chinese Radical Minibooks are also available in the SHOP as paid consolidated files.

Chinese Printables

欢乐伙伴 Primary 识读字 and Vocabulary Test Lists

Siwukuaidu 四五快读 Word Search 

P3B Chinese Vocabulary & 识读字 Test Lists (Not valid from 2017 onwards)

Pokemon Go Vocabulary List

P5A & P5B Chinese Vocabulary Test Lists

P6A Chinese Vocabulary & 识读字 Test Lists

P3A Chinese Vocabulary & 识读字 Test Lists (please note that there is a change in syllabus for 2016 P2 and after)

Chinese 量词 Card Game Printable

100 Day Reading Challenge & Printable Chart

P5A 识读字 Hanyu Pinyin Test List – Higher Chinese

P2A Chinese Vocabulary & 识读字 Hanyu Pinyin Test Lists

Siwukuaidu Storybook (四五快读 - 故事版)- Character Cards Downloads

Primary 1B Vocabulary & 识读字 Hanyu Pinyin Test Lists

F1 Race Chinese Vocabulary List

Primary 4 (B) Chinese Vocabulary Test Lists

World Cup and Rainbow Loom Chinese Vocabulary List

Primary 1 & 4 Vocabulary and 识读字 Test Lists  (The syllabus gets updated every few years so these list may get outdated after a few years. )

Hanyu Pinyin Game

Teaching Hanyu Pinyin and Hanyu Pinyin Flashcards Printable

Chinese Numbers Match Printable

Chinese Lapbook – Panda

Chinese Colour Match

Chinese Calendar Time

Chinese Radicals 部首 Minibooks printables

Chinese Storybook Activities : 我的妈妈在哪里?

Sìwǔ Kuàidú 四五快读 Chinese Characters Tactile Cards Template (Tactile & Non-Tactile)

Chinese New Year Unit Study (in Chinese with English explanations)

Maths Printables 

Maths Counting Chart

Number Bond Diagramme

Fraction Discs Printable

Place Value Mat

Other Printables

Alphabet Lapbook Cover Sheets

Hidden Alphabets

Music Notes Values Manipulatives

How To Plan To Utilise Assessment Books

Template of P1 Home Schedule 

Alphabet Train Wall Mural 

Alphabet Memory Card Game 

Free Preschool Printables (External sites)

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