Very Important!

A few Basics Things to bear in mind :

1. Every baby is different

2. Every parent is different

3. Every family is different

Whatever you see on my website is my personal opinion, based on my own research, trial and error, experience and what other people shared with me. No parent, even one with 10 or more children, can claim to be an ‘expert’ or claim to know just the right thing to do. In fact, the more children we have, the more we realise that we actually don’t know much! What works for one may not work for another. What works on one kid may not work on another (even though they may have the same parents!). There is no hard and fast rule about anything. I certainly do not claim to be the authority or expert on any subject. I am just sharing what I know, hoping that it will bless and help others.

Also, most of the things here are in the Singaporean or Asian context.

As I am a Christian, a lot of the things that I share will be based on my christian belief. You may have heard this a thousand times before ‘Christianity is a relationship (with God) and not a religion’. As God is intimately involved in our lives, it is impossible to put through information that is compartmentalised into ‘christian’ and ‘non-christian’. Nevertheless, regardless of your belief system, I pray that what I share here will still be a blessing to you.

Affiliated Links

For the sake of disclosure, I will list down all the links that will potentially send some earnings my way :

  1. All Book Depository links and banners
  2. Evernote (they give me points, which I can redeem for extras.)
  3. All Google Adsense advertisements, which can appear in link or graphic form.
  4. All About Learning Press links and banners
  5. Mutu System links and banners
  6. 6. iHerb


*Information in this site can by no means take the place of professional/medical advice of trained medical professionals. Always consult healthcare professionals when you have concerns about your health or your children’s health and well-being.

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