Review : Math Mammoth Blue Series

Right now I am working with #3 on his fractions using Math Mammoth Blue Series (Fractions 2). I discovered Math Mammoth a few years ago […] Read More

Siwukuaidu Storybook (四五快读 -故事版) – Characters Cards Downloads

Siwukuaidu is the series of Chinese Literacy book that I used to teach my #3 how to read Chinese.  You can read my review on […] Read More

Review : All About Spelling

You may have wondered about the All About Spelling and All About Reading advertising banners you see at my sidebar. They are curriculums for Spelling […] Read More

Review : Emoti Talking Pen (易读宝)

During the June Holidays, I bought this Emoti Talking Pen at the Singapore Book Fair.  They had a booth there and were selling the pen […] Read More

Review : The Reading Lessons

 I think this is a really good book for teaching kids how to read.  I bought this when I discovered to my dismay my (then […] Read More

Signing Time DVD Series

  It is great to have the kids learn some sign language.  It is like learning a 3rd language, except that they don’t have to slog […] Read More