Life Skills

Recently, I took stock of the “life skills” (also known as ‘self help skills’) that I have taught #1 so far.  Here are the things […] Read More

Learning an Instrument

Of my three children, one is learning the piano and one is learning the violin.  As for myself, I learned the piano when I was […] Read More

Your Hand in Mine

How much longer will I have a small hand to hold in mine? Cherishing every moment now.

Baby Sleep Issues

This is probably rather late considering the article was dated a few years back.  The background is this : for years, there have been two […] Read More

How My Boys Learned How To Ride A Bicycle

My husband was the person who told me about this thing called the “pedal-less” bike, which was supposed to be good for learning how to […] Read More

Primary 1 Adjustments

I figured perhaps there would be parents out there who have kids who are going to Primary One next year (or soon) who may like […] Read More

Toilet Training

There are some aspects of parenthood that are just plain pain in the neck to me.  Night waking is one of them.  Toilet training is another.  Nevertheless, we […] Read More

2 Keys to Surviving Parenthood

Having a very supportive husband helps A LOT. Richard has been a wonderful husband and father. But what I am referring to is really the […] Read More

Delaying Solids

I have briefly touched on the this topic in Graduating to Solids .   To recap, delaying the introduction of solids to babies until at least 6 […] Read More

Graduating to Solids

There are plenty of books and online resources that elaborates on the ‘how-to” of introducing solids to babies, so I will not repeat the same […] Read More

What To Do When Your Child Is Scalded?

What do you do when your child is scalded? We will assume it is a small patch on the hand and not a serious scalding […] Read More

2 Best Parenting Advice I Ever Received

If you are a parent, chances are, you would have experienced a bombardment of parenting advice, whether from parenting books you read, parenting courses you […] Read More

What To Do About Nosebleed?

What would you do if your child’s nose is bleeding? 1. Clean up the blood? 2. Make the child lie down flat or make the […] Read More

How I Chose Preschool – Part 2

In How I Chose Preschool – Part I, I talked about how preschool hunt is really a very subjective matter, and discussed some of the […] Read More