Birth Experience is Important

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Birth Video

Here’s a computer simulated clip of how the baby is born. Pay particular attention to the smaller screen on the top right corner and see […] Read More

Newborn Jaundice

The reason why I put this article in the New Parents Preparation section is because I think new parents should be aware and prepared in […] Read More

My Encounter with the Latest Maternity Trend

Maternity wear used to be huge, tent-like structure embellished with an abundance of ribbons, bows and cute prints (e.g. teddy bears). If they were not […] Read More

New Moms Need Support

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Postnatal Massage – Any Good?

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Confinement Arrangements

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Getting Ready

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First Time Parents – Preparation for the New Member of Your Family

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Birth Plan

Your birth plan is basically a ‘plan’ for your birth experience. Yes, contrary to what you may think, you can actually have a say in […] Read More

Maintaining Sanity During the Early Days

Parenthood is almost like an overnight thing, if you think about it. One day you don’t have a kid, the next day your world revolves […] Read More

Baby Clothes

The various kinds : 1. Tops 2. Pants 3. Rompers 4. Sleep suits 5. Booties 6. Mittens, 7. Etc, etc, etc You baby will probably […] Read More

Milk Bottles

The various kinds : 1. Neck – Standard Wide/Standard (narrow) 2. Volume – 9oz/4 oz 3. Teat – silicone/latex/orthodontic 4. Angled/straight 5. Other shapes and […] Read More

Breast Pumps

It helps a lot to have a good breast pump. It is not only a waste of money to get a pump that does not […] Read More