Fraction Discs Printable

I mentioned in My Favourite Mathematics Manipulatives that you can easily find fraction discs printables  off the internet, print on cardstock, laminate and cut out […] Read More

Chinese Lapbook – Panda

Two pandas has arrived in Singapore on 6 September 2012. They are on loan from the People’s Republic of China and this is the first […] Read More

How To Plan to Utilise Assessment Books

Every year, I buy assessment books and every year, I end up with some that my children don’t use or don’t finish. At the end […] Read More

Chinese Colour Match Printable

Year End Examination is over and I finally have time to post new things.  Here’s a new printable for Chinese – Chinese Colour Match.  Print […] Read More

Chinese Calendar Time

We do not speak a lot of Mandarin at home, so my kids have very little exposure to telling days and time in Chinese, except […] Read More

Chinese Radicals 部首 Minibooks Printables

I created a series of Chinese Radicals 部首 Minibooks printables to use along with the Siwukuaidu 四五快读 series.  Every Chinese character contains one or more radicals […] Read More

Chinese Storybook Activities : 我的妈妈在哪里?

I started making up some storybook activities for #3 because unlike materials for English books, such things are virtually non-existent on the internet for Chinese […] Read More

Place Value Mat

  I mention in my earlier post that I created a set of Place Value Mat that I use with my Base 10 Blocks.  I […] Read More

Unit Study : Chinese New Year

Last year, I created materials for a unit study for Chinese New Year for my (then) 4 year old.  The materials are mainly for lap […] Read More

Sìwǔkuàidú 四五快读 Chinese Character Cards Templates

The follow templates are meant to be used in conjunction with the  Siwukuaidu 四五快读 word recognition system. You can, of course, use these cards to […] Read More

Template of P1 Home Schedule

In my earlier article “Primary 1 Adjustments“, I mentioned about having a schedule. As I am preparing for #2’s entry into Primary 1 next year, […] Read More

Alphabet Train Wall Mural

Although I hated to have to stick things on my walls, I had to succumb to the need to have teaching aid stuck on the […] Read More

Alphabet Memory Card Game

In Free Preschool Printables, I shared my ‘Alphabet Memory Game‘. As I was using this with my little one, I realised that I should probably […] Read More

Free Preschool Printables

As I mentioned in New Direction, I am currently teaching my little preschooler at home. Although it looks like a lot of things, a lot […] Read More