Chinese Children Books Pinterest Board

I have created a new Board on my Pinterest called “Chinese Children Book” where I pinned some Chinese children books to share with everyone. While […] Read More

BWL : Sam’s Science Series

We are in the midst of SA1 exams.  While revising Science with #1 (Primary 5) last week, my hubby asked him what are white blood […] Read More

BWL : Owl Babies

This is a very simple book, very popular among children and adults alike.  I read the Chinese version to #3 first and even though it […] Read More

BWL : 忘了说我爱你

I love this new platform.  Now I can type Chinese characters!  So I can share the Chinese children story books that we love. My children […] Read More

BWL : Mrs Piggle-Wiggle

Are you interested in “The Won’t-Pick-Up-Toys Cure” or “The Slow-Eater-Tiny-Bite-Taker Cure”?  Do you know what is Fighter-Quarreleritis?  Mrs Piggle-Wiggle is the Aunt Agony of all parents […] Read More

BWL : Mouse Mess

This book is special to us so I will start off with this book.  When #1 was little, we borrowed this book from the library […] Read More