Basic Brown Rice Cereal

This is the first brown rice cereal #1 had when he first started solids. His first food. Simply add milk, expressed breast milk, veggie puree, […] Read More

Tofu & Seaweed Soup

Ingredients 2½ cups Chicken stock 3 tbsp minced meat ½tbsp chopped green onion 1pc Silky Tofu 1 egg 1 tbsp dried seaweed (cut into tiny […] Read More

Life-Saving Quick & Easy Meal

This one is good when you forget to cook, or run out of ideas, time or ingredients. But you must have ready supply of Quaker […] Read More

Pasta in Soup or Stew

You can either use soup that you cook for the family (before adding salt and other flavouring), or just stock. Some good soup/stew to be […] Read More

Mashed Potato – 3 Kinds

Mashed Potato 1 Ingredients Potatoes, water (or stock, or expressed breast milk) Minced meat Onions and garlic (chopped finely). Pureed Veggies. Steps Cook potatoes and […] Read More

Beef Stew

From Dr Miriam Stoppard’s New Baby Care Book. I have my own beef stew recipe which I cook for my family and I will safe […] Read More

Puree Vegetable

Vegetables – almost any kind will do. You have to use your discretion as some may not be suitable for this method. Steps Clean vegetables. […] Read More

Homemade Rusk (Bread Stick)

Instead of buying rusk off the shelves, which often contains undesired amount of sugar and other additives, why not make your own? It’s easier than […] Read More