Ginger, Ginger

Ginger is something that I use quite often, but not often enough to finish using a whole piece before it spoils.  Apart from slicing and […] Read More

Masa Recipe 1 : Quick & Easy Katsu Don

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Quick, Easy, No Fuss Meals

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Snack Boxes

Since my son started primary school, I have been making snack boxes for him everyday.  I started learning about snack boxes, mainly Japanese Bento culture, and […] Read More

Making Baby Food At Home

Dominic was introduced to solid food when he was 6 months old. I have been cooking his baby food from scratch. Instant cereal was only […] Read More


I am a sucker for frozen food. Not those frozen meal-in-bag thing you buy from the supermarket. But homemade frozen food. That’s one way I […] Read More

Porridge, Glorious Porridge

Porridge is really the staple food for Chinese babies. In my opinion, it is a very good baby food because it is delicious, easy to […] Read More

The Truth About Commercial Baby Food

Just like in the case of baby formula, many people mistakenly think that commercial baby food is nutritious, fortified with all the vitamins and minerals, […] Read More

My Baby Food Ingredients

The following are some ingredients that I use for the baby food I make which may need a bit of explanation. Wherever possible, I will […] Read More

Snacks for Tots

Snack is a big thing in a toddler’s life and it will be good if we can take it seriously. By this, I mean not […] Read More