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Motherhood is a truly satisfying and fulfilling experience to me. It is a never-ending learning process. There is so much to learn and I am enjoying every minute of it. Here in ‘Parenting Joy’, I share with you all my experiences, from pre-natal up till now, and I hope that my experiences will be of help to you. It is also my hope that by writing things down, it will help me to remember the things that I went through from Day 1 – though they may be frustration, stress, anger, helplessness; and not just happiness, joy and fulfillment. Every bit of it is special. Too special to be ‘buried’ and forgotten later on.

Who Am I?

I am Angela. My husband, Richard, and I have 3 boys, Dominic, Damien and Darren.

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You can see from the ticker above how long I have been a mom.  : )  For the most part of it, I have been a full time homemaker. I re-joined the workforce when Dominic was about 1 year old but stopped work again after about 9 months. I used to also run an eStore, Plum and Peach, but we closed it after almost 4 years of operation because my partner was getting very busy with her other commitments, and I was expected my 3rd child and didn’t think I would have enough time for the business.

When I first started the site, I was a relatively new mom and at that time, the internet was not so …. common.  Though I already knew how to find information through surfing the internet, those days were just not like now, so I fumbled a lot more than I think I would have if I were a new mom now.  Online support wasn’t that common either.

When I was first time pregnant, I was at a complete loss in Babydom. A friend of mine basically hand-held me through all the Babydom jargons and stuff and I am eternally grateful to her for making things so much easier for me. Doing up the website is my way of ‘paying forward’.

Another reason is that I like to dabble with doing up websites and writing things.  If nobody visits this site, it is still ok.  I have fun writing and creating this for my own amusement.  It is a break from the mundane daily chores.  If this website could be a blessing to other people, it is an added bonus.

It has been many years since I started this site and through the years, I have grown as a person, a mother, a wife.  I have gone from feeding and diapering to schooling and homeschooling, and now to dealing with teenagers.  No doubt more growth and experiences await me ahead.  This site is also like a kind of journal, journalling my journey as a mother and wife.  Many changes have also happened to the site over the years.  You can read about them here.

My husband, Richard is a very hands-on and involved father. He really knows as much about taking care of kids as I do, even though I spend more time with the kids at home. He is also a very supportive husband and my pillar of strength because he keeps me steady when the kids drive me nuts. Without him, I will not be able to do this website.

How You Can Support This Site

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Not all the merchants listed or recommended here give me a commission for recommending them. I only recommend the ones that I think are good and if they happen to have an affliate programme, I use it. I do not recommend them because of the money I can get.  I will surely make it clear what is paid and what is not.



3 Replies to “About Me

  1. Hi there, I’ve been following your site for awhile. I first came across it when looking up siwukuaidu I think, and realised that you followed Well-Trained Mind also, of which I am a huge fan. I am a SAHM to two girls who are 3.5 and 5.5 years old, and there are many posts which resound with me, as in I would hold very similar views and I am also a Christian. We are relocating from London back to Singapore (my husband is from there, I’m from Kuching) in July and my older child will be entering P1 next year (end of Dec birthday). I have a question (and maybe more!) on your last post on homeschooling 5-6 years old. I wonder if you would be so kind as to drop me an email?

  2. Hi Angela,
    I’m so glad to find you today, as I’m also homeschooling my 3 little one. And I amazed how much printables you have made, and how much resources you have in your website.
    I just started my blog that focusing on homeschooling and learning Chinese for kids. And I am also making some Chinese printables and homeschool tools to go along. When you have, please come visit my blog. I include Traditional Chinese & Simplified Chinese versions for my printables. Let’s keep in touch. It will be fun to work together if you would like.

    Po Tim

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