Siwukuaidu 四五快讀 Word Cards (Traditional form)

The Siwukuaidu non-tactile word cards are now available in the Traditional (繁体字) form!

Singapore follows China in using the Simplified form 简体字 for written Chinese. If your children are in our local schools, please use the original printables because they are in the Simplified form. The Traditional form is used mainly in Hong Kong and Taiwan and some parents in other countries may choose to let their children learn the Traditional form instead of the Simplified form. I created the Traditional version in case there are parents who may be looking for this.

Not every character has a traditional form and a simplified form. In fact, a lot of them are used for both. For instance, 是, 你,我, 他 apply for both traditional and simplified form. Please take note that some characters in simplified form have more than one traditional forms, and the they are used differently to mean different things. For example : the simplified character 发 is used to refer to hair in 头发 and ‘happen’ as in 发生. But in the traditional form, 发 is 髮 when used in hair 頭髮. But for 发 in 发生, it is written as 發.

Similarly, 干 is 幹 when used in “what are (you) doing” – 幹什麼. When used in ‘clean’ 干净, the traditional form of the character 干 is 乾,so “clean” is 乾淨.

So if you are attempting to use the Siwukuaidu books to teach the traditional form of the characters, you will find that some of the vocabulary listed in the books will not be correct anymore. Unfortunately, it is impossible for me to list all such instances and to explain what should be the right one to use. Please check carefully before teaching your children.

This downloadable file is currently available at the Shop for $10. All 6 volumes plus the Story Book volume in one zip file. I will eventually put them up under the free Printables (in individual volume) but I do not have a definitely date set yet. I do have quite a bit of other things I want to put up there first, so this will have to wait.

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