Introducing Times & Seasons

I have mentioned this several times before, that I am in this season of my life where I am no longer concerned with babies, young children and homeschooling.  So it is quite impossible for me to continue writing posts on topics that are not part of my life right now.  After much consideration – I really have toyed with the thought for years – I decided to try something new and add a new section to this site.  It will be quite different from the rest of the site and reflect the new season I am in right now, and the new direction the site will be taking at least for a while.


Introducing Times & Seasons

As you can probably tell from the flavour of the name of this new section, this section will be more bloggish, where I share my thoughts and musings about life as a woman, a wife, a mom. There will be more emphasis on my Christian faith.  If I talk about life, it is hardly possible for me to separate the two. Not that I am going to get all preachy.

For years now, I have wanted to do more of a ‘What would I tell my younger self’ kind of posts, but I hesitated because I was still very uncomfortable to share something so personal so publicly.  I still am uncomfortable so starting this section really is a leap of faith for me. Honestly, I am also very wary of the kind of reactions I may get.  So much so I considered turning off the Comments for this section.  Except I have not figured out how to do it yet.

Well, you are given fair warning.  If this is something you are not interested to read, simply skip all the posts under this section.  Of course, having said all that, it is my heart’s desire that you will stay and read on; that somehow, what I share in this section will not just be another inane mom rambling but will actually be an encouragement to you.

There will still be posts on topics such as education, printables, housekeeping and all that. At least for now, I may still think of things to write about for these topics.  So if you like those, they are not going to be totally gone forever yet.

A new post to kick off the new Times and Seasons will soon appear.  Keep a look out for it.


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  1. Hi there! I’ve been a silent reader for some years. As a SAHM with a preschool and Primary sch kid I enjoy reading your posts very much. Thank you for sharing all that you have shared in your blog. Looking forward to reading your Times and Seasons post 🙂

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