New Look

I have changed the look of the site again to reflect the gradual but inevitable change that has come and will continue to happen for this site.  Change is inevitable as parenting now is completely different from some 16 years ago when I first started the site.  As a person, I have also grown and changed.  The internet world has also changed.  So I decided it is time I update the look as well to keep up with the times and how I feel about the site, although I do not think there will ever be a point where I am completely satisfied by how the site looks.

I wish I could revamp the whole organisation of the site as well, but it would be a project too huge for me to undertake to reorganised the hundreds of posts into a different structure, so I will have to make do with whatever I have now, making only small tweaks where I can, such as the header menu which I have simplified further.  I may continue to tweak the site for a while, so do not be surprised by changes.

As for the content, I will definitely NOT be able to keep on sharing educational resources simply because by now, I am pretty much hands off my children’s education and will be even more so going forward.  I hope whatever is on the site will continue to bless the readers.  Going forward, I will be sharing more about things that I was not ready to share before, or things that have been taking a backseat thus far, such as how my “life philosophy” influence how I approach housekeeping and education and even faith.

I hope this new look is an improvement from the one before and pray that what is shared from now will continue to bless the readers.

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