Maths Counting Chart Printable (and a little update)

Some updates

I realised I have not been updating the site for months.  I do not know how other sites stay focused on one theme, e.g. preschool printables, as if they are forever having a preschooler or two at home and constantly creating printables or posts on educating preschoolers at home.  My reality is that I no longer have a preschooler at home, and very soon (too soon), I will not even have a primary school kid at home anymore.  I am also a lot less hands on with my children’s studies.  This is partly due to the fact that I can no longer be of much help once they progressed to secondary school and I pretty much leave them to manage their own studies as it should be so.  It could also partly be due to age.  I have never been a ‘tiger mom” and I have gotten a lot more relaxed as years go by.



Going Forward

Time passes just too fast and days of dealing with diapers and breastfeeding quickly became days of teaching, which quickly became days of just being a mom to teens and pre-teens.  The challenges are ever changing.  I am now an older mom, hopefully also a much wiser one than before.  Do I have things to share?  I probably have more but I have yet to decide if this site is the right platform to do so.  The internet and social media world has changed completely since the day I started a website.  The people interacting on such a platform are also very different from the early days.

I have shared most of the printable things I have created that I think are worth sharing.  If I am inspired to create something for preschool teaching, especially Chinese teaching,  just for the fun of it, not because I need it, I will be sure to share it here.  I may share some thoughts about bringing up children and my experience with secondary school education and teens, but I am not sure if these are things that people come to this site for.  I may share more about my life in general, perhaps about new pursuits.  Or I may just leave this site be as it is and hope people will not be disappointed by the lack of constant update.  I know that is a cardinal sin of running a website but I do not wish to bore people with the ins and outs of daily life just for the sake of new content.

For now, I will keep this site on, as I believe whatever that I have shared can still benefit many.  Occasionally, if I happened to dig up some things that I have created years ago and I think someone may find useful, I will put up a post to share it.

New Printable

Developing Maths Sense

Like today.  I found a counting chart I made when I first started to instil number sense in #3.  It is just a simple chart, nothing fancy, which you can use for counting activities using mathematics manipulatives, or just simple things you can find around the house (eg. macaroni, marbles, beans).  It is simple, but printing it could save you the time and trouble of creating one from scratch yourself.

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