P3A Chinese Vocabulary & 识读字 Test Lists

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 8.14.36 pmMid-year exam (SA1) is just around the corner.  Here are the Chinese vocabulary and 识读字 test lists for revision.  Take note that the syllabus for Primary 2 (2016) and after has been changed so the Primary 1 lists I did a couple of years back will not be relevant for the current batch of Primary 1.



The ones for Primary 6 will be available in the next couple of days.


3 Replies to “P3A Chinese Vocabulary & 识读字 Test Lists

  1. Do you have the following files for downloading?
    P5A, P5B ^ P6B 识读字 Test List
    P2B & P6B Chinese Vocab Test List


    1. Hi Sam,
      I could only create with what I had so it was dependent on what my sons were taking in school, e.g. whether HMT or MT. That explains the missing ones. As for the current higher levels such as P6, they are practically the last batch of students using the old textbooks so I find it pointless to create the test lists that will become obsolete in a few months. However, if I can get hold of the new textbooks, I will definitely try to create new lists for them.

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