P1B Chinese Vocabulary & Hanyu Pinyin Test Lists

Just a quick (and perhaps, late) update.  The files for Primary 1B 识读字 Hanyu Pinyin Test List and Primary 1B Chinese Vocabulary Test List are ready for download now.


2 Replies to “P1B Chinese Vocabulary & Hanyu Pinyin Test Lists

  1. Hi, I find this website very useful and downloaded many of the files. Is there anyway I can find similar Chinese vocabs for 2B, 3B, 5A, 5B and 6B? I am preparing my son for Sec 1 exams

    1. Hi, I prepared these as I made them for my children’s revision, so I have not gotten to 3B & 6B yet. As for 5A & 5B, I didn’t create because at that time my child was using the HMT textbook which did not come with the list at the back of the book – I created those revision lists using the vocab list at the back of the book.

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