Music Notes Values Manipulatives

IMG_6709Recently, I started teaching #3 a bit of music theory. I created this set of manipulatives to teach him music notes values. He has not learned fractions yet for maths, so the concept of half value, quarter value, etc is a bit abstract to him. This set of manipulatives makes it easy for him to SEE and understand note values.

The circles are obvious. They are all of the same size, which means they are all of the same value. Hence, you will have one crochet represented by one whole circle and then two quavers represented by one circle in halves, and so on. Do not cut the circles!  They are meant to remain intact and not cut into individual wedges.

The minims and semibreve are a rectangle and a square respectively. Two circles fit into the rectangle, representing one minim is made up of two crochets. Or you can fit two circles of quavers, or semiquavers.  This way you can see how many quavers/semiquavers make up one minim. The same goes for semibreve. The square is made up of two minim rectangles, representing two minims make one semibreve.  There are also included dotted notes.


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  1. Hi Angela,

    Through your blog i got to know about the all about spelling program which i found quite useful for me to go through with my k2 boy. Many thanks for that.

    Could you kindly recomend any grammer program that would be useful for k2 going to p1 next year?

    1. Hi Carol,

      I used First Language Lessons to teach my #3 grammar. We are still on Book 4. It is very easy to use but is a bit different from the way grammar is taught in SG. Maybe it is a matter of US vs UK. It focuses mainly on the parts of speech and function of each part of speech, which I find is very important to understand. From my own school experience, I know I did not have a good grasp of that. It does not cover things like when to use Past Perfect Tense or even conjugation of verbs into the various tenses. Those they will learn in school anyway and I did add on the tense part myself. The First Language Lesson is a fully scripted teacher’s guide so it is very easy to use and each lesson only takes 5-10 minutes to go through. At every level, the same parts of speech will be covered again with more things added, so there is really a lot of reinforcement.

      If you want a free resource, try Grammarland. I used it as well, as a supplement, to teach #3. You can google for a free pdf and even free audiobook is available.

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