IMG_2053I don’t update this site regularly like clockwork.  I try.  But sometimes life gets in the way.  Sometimes, I need inspiration.  More often than not, I agonise over a post for weeks and weeks before I finally publish.  Sometimes, they don’t get published. 🙁

Because I do not update this site regularly, I don’t login regularly, and for some reason which I must find out after writing this, WordPress does not send notification to me when someone leaves a comment.  I just logged in today to discover new comments pending approval and reply.  My apologies to you if you were the ones who left those comments.

From now on, I will try to login regularly to check but if I don’t, and please forgive me for the delay.

Update : I think I have sorted out the email notification issue.  Keeping my fingers crosses that I won’t be missing anymore messages and comments.  If you are trying to reach me and all else failed, try sending me a message through the Facebook Page.

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