Advent Tradition

Advent is the period leading up to Christmas.  This year’s Advent started yesterday, 1 December, which is Advent Sunday.  Traditionally, this is a period of time for people to prepare themselves for holy living through prayer and fasting, and a time of preparation for Christmas.  These days, most people do not go through elaborate religious activities any more but it is still good to spend this period reflecting on the birth and life of the Lord Jesus in anticipation of the celebration of His birth on Christmas day.  This is especially so when Advent has become somewhat commercialised in recent years.  Advent calendars no longer feature the Christmas story but are nothing more than selling toys and candies to appeal to the kids.

Last year, we established a new Advent tradition in our family.  I bought an Advent storybook to read to the boys every night, starting from Advent Sunday, all the way to Christmas.  This is the book :



This is a story about 10 year old Jotham and his adventure, and the story is linked to the birth of Jesus.  The boys enjoyed the story tremendously.  After Christmas, I kept the book away for a whole year.  This year, they reminded me about this book again.  I just took it out of storage and the boys were thrilled to read this book again.

There are other titles by the same author, if you are for reading a new story each year.

Bart1. Bartholomew’s Passage

Tabby2. Tabitha’s Travels

Amon3. Amon’s Adventure (Story for Easter)

There are also other Advent books that are not really in the form of a story, such as The Family Book of Advent.  We used to have Dr James Dobson’s Christ in Christmas : A Family Advent Celebration.  But I think Jotham’s Journey works best for 3 boys of varying ages because it is an adventure story.

So in my family, for now, reading an Advent story is our advent tradition.  Do you have an advent tradition in your family? If you do, what is it?

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