I Finally Can Attend Speech Day

IMG_1944 I have not been updating much in the past few months due to the usual school exams, music exam and other commitments. This year is a milestone year in so many ways. #1 took his PSLE and just got his results. It is a score that may not seem much to some people and yet at the same time seems like a fantastic result for other people. Suffice it to say that we are satisfied with his result and very thankful for whatever he got. It has not been easy for the months leading up to the exam and it would not be an overstatement to say that we are glad that it is over.

#2 came home with a letter from his school informing us that he has been invited to the school’s Speech Day because he was getting an award for being the the 2nd top student in class. Of course, parents were invited to the ceremony.

For the first time, I attended a school’s Speech Day. For those who do not know what Speech Day is, it is an award ceremony, usually held on the last day of the school year, where students who do well in school are given awards to commend their efforts. In the past, I could only envy other parents whose children do well enough to be invited.

I sound like I am desperate to be the few invited ones. But the truth is that I am normally really not keen on attending the ceremony. Um..it kind of falls into the same category as Preschool Year End Concerts, which I dread to attend. This speech day was special to me because it meant so much more than just my kid doing well in school. We transferred #2 to a new school this year and all through the year, we have seen God’s hand working in him and he has really blossomed in this new school. In the past, we would never have imagined that he could do so well in school. Besides being the 2nd top student in his class, he also topped his class for two of his subjects. We could also see him becoming a better and more confident learner. He blossomed not just in the academic area but also “holistically” – I use this term tongue-in-cheek because it seemed to have morphed in recent years to mean anything that is non-academic. Hence, it was with much thanksgiving and great pride that we attended our very first Speech Day. By the way, he also scored Distinction for his piano exam in September. It has indeed been a bountiful year for him, as he said so himself.

#3 will be joining his brother in this school next year. It will be his very first time in school. In his 6, 7 years of life he has never left home to go to a “real school”. We are all wondering how things will be when he gets into “the system”. He is all excited to start school, and all ready to go with his uniform and school books bought already. I know that he is academically more than prepared for primary 1. Now, it is with mixed feelings that I am sending him off to school. I will miss homeschooling him, having him around all day long, and bringing him out for field trips on a weekday morning. At the same time, I am also looking forward to see how much more he will blossom in a new learning environment.

So that basically wraps up what happened in the past few months.


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