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Two pandas has arrived in Singapore on 6 September 2012. They are on loan from the People’s Republic of China and this is the first time we have real pandas in our public zoo.  This has created a bit of a Panda-mania here and since the exhibit opened in late November, many kids have visited the River Safari in the Zoo to see the pandas.

Long before the exhibit was opened, my little one was already quite crazy over Kai Kai and Jia Jia, the two pandas.  Since he was so interested in pandas,  I created a Chinese lapbook on panda for him.

The picture on the left shows you the cover of the lapbook*.  The inside of the lapbook looks like this :



Topics covered

1. Panda in Chinese – 大熊猫

2. Panda’s Habitat (熊猫的家)

3. Panda’s Diet (熊猫最喜欢吃/也吃)

4. Panda’s “Relatives” – the Bear Family (熊猫的亲戚)

5. Panda’s baby (熊猫宝宝)

6. Panda’s Colour – learn the Chinese Characters for “Black” and “White” (熊猫的颜色)

7. Panda’s Predator (熊猫的天敌)

8. Panda as an endangered species (保护大熊猫)


The inside of the individual booklets look like this :



IMG_3074There are also two “passports” for Kai Kai and Jia Jia.  Print on slightly thicker paper, cut out the two “passports” and fold into half down the middle line for each “passport”. Fill up the information about how old Kai Kai and Jia Jia are, and who is older – your child or the panda.  If you visit the pandas in the zoo, take a picture of the pandas, print out a “passport photo” and stick it on the outer cover of the “passports”.  In the blank spaces, your child can add any other information about Kai Kai and Jia Jia that he learned in the zoo.

Take note that under the “Sex” section, the Chinese term for ‘male’ is ‘雄’ (xióng) and ‘female’ is ‘雌'(cí).  These terms are only used for animals or sometimes parts of plants.  For humans, we use 男 (nán) for male and 女 (nǘ) for female.  So if your child is filling up a form about himself or herself, he/she will use 男/女 instead.

More information and activities about pandas can be found at websites such as :

They are all in English.

To Download


The instructions for the activities are all in English.  There is also a vocabulary list in English and Chinese for your reference.  The cover sheet (as seen in the first picture) is also included.

* If you research about ‘lapbook’ on the internet, you will realise that I fold my lapbook quite differently from the convention.  It is just the way I like to do it.  Likewise, you can do whichever way you prefer.

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