Masa Recipe 6 : Miso & Bonito Flavoured Stir Fry Cabbage

Miso & Bonito Flavoured Stir Fry CabbageI usually don’t like to stir fry cabbage because it gets watery and soggy – I dislike soggy vegetables.  This Miso & Bonito Flavoured Stir Fry Cabbage looked very promising, so I decided to give it a try.

The recipe time state is 10 minutes.  I took 5 minutes to prepare all the ingredients.  The frying part took longer again.  So I definitely did not finish the whole dish in 10 minutes.

The thing is, I was trying to achieve what the recipe book said about having the cabbage slightly burnt.  Unfortunately, like always, the cabbage just became awfully watery.  Perhaps I did not drain the cabbage well.  Perhaps it has got to do with the kind of cabbage I used –  I used China cabbage, but not Wong Bak.  So I stir fry for quite a while before all the water was evaporated and I could smell a slight tinge of the burnt smell.

Then I added the seasoning.  Usually, once the seasoning is in, the cabbage will give out its fluid and the dish will become watery.  So I was rather wary.  Fortunately, I think all that stir frying before that probably had evaporated most of the fluid so although a bit more water came out (including the fluid from the seasoning), the dish did not end up as soggy as I expected.

With all that stir frying, the cabbage became more cooked than I like.  I like my cabbage slightly crispy.  All in all, it was an ok dish.  I also learned something : perhaps next time I fry cabbage, I should really drain the cabbage well, and use a higher heat to “dry off” the cabbage before I season.  I really hate watery soggy cabbages, which is why I do not eat Sayur Lodeh.

The bonito gives the dish a fishy flavour which I personally do not like.  I do eat bonito, e.g. in cold tofu.  But in this dish, it just makes it too fishy for me.  I will omit it the next time I make this dish.


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