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I have this iPhone/iPad audiobook  app from Cross Forward Consulting, LLC on my iPhone.  As something to entertain the kids with, it is a good alternative to watching the television or playing computer game.  In fact, I already have an mp3 player full of audiobooks for my children to listen to.  A lot of classics are public domain books that you can download for free from sites like LibriVox. However, this little app is so handy!  It saves you the need to load mp3 or buy audiobook CDs, which don’t come cheap.

There are thousands of free audiobooks, both children and adults, which you can listen to for free!  There is a free version (which is the one I am using) and a paid version.  For me, the free version is more than enough to meet my needs.  While in the car, I attach my phone to the car audio system and the boys can enjoy listening to stories.  This sure beats installing a DVD player in the car and trying to keep the kids quiet with more screen time.  If streaming is an issue, you can also download the audiobooks into your phone first (only with wifi connection).

The only thing I don’t like is that every now and then, they will announce the standard line of “This is a LibriVox recording. blah blah blah….” which interrupts the flow of the story.  One book is read by several readers, which also affects the overall flow.  Most readers read clearer but occasionally, you come across one who mumbles a bit or may have a heavier accent.  However, since this is a free app, I am really not complaining.

You may wonder what’s the big deal about audio books for children.  Personally, I think audiobooks help in their literacy.  Most kids have an aversion to classics because the text seems dull and hard to digest.  But if someone were to read the books for them, they will have little problem understanding the stories.  Once they have no problem understanding the overall story from audio books, then reading the actual books become easier.

Secondly, there are times during the day when you can’t do much, e.g. when you are stuck in traffic.  Instead of idling the time away, listen to a good book.  At least, if you don’t ever read the actual book yourself, you would have gotten acquainted with the story and learn something.  This is true for both kids and adults.  Recently, I listened to a book on Greek history while my hands were busy making tactile cards.  I have never done Greek history in school, so I have learned something new while I was busy doing mindless work.

Try this audiobook app for iPhone/iPad.  At least you will have one more thing to entertain your children with., and something to keep you occupied when you have time on your hand.

P.S. I am not sure about an app for android phones because I do not use one. 😛

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