Sìwǔ Kuàidú 四五快读 Non-Tactile Character Cards Templates

I know that not everyone wants to make tactile cards to use with the Siwukuaidu 四五快读 series because of the work involved but some may still want to have character cards that are bigger and easier to handle than what is given at the back of each volume.

For this reason, I have created a set of cards that are meant to be printed out and use just as they are.  All you need to do is simply print the templates out on stock cards, laminate if you wish, cut out the individual cards and use.

When I made the tactile cards, I made them such that you see only the outline of the characters because you will be filling that spaces with felt or other tactile materials, so there is no point wasting ink printing out characters that are colour-filled.  For this non-tactile version, the characters are normal looking, colour-filled characters.

Also, for the tactile card templates, I split the templates of each volume into several files such that there are about 5 files to download per volume.  The reason is because making tactile cards involve work.  I do not think that most people will make the whole volume in one go.  If you are like me, I print out one or two lessons at a time to work on before going on to the next one or two lessons.  Some people may want to give it a try and then decide against making them subsequently.  Hence, making you print out the whole volume in one go is not the more paper-saving nor trial-friendly.   I also took into consideration how much blank space I could avoid in every file.  If I end up with the last page containing only 2 characters (about 1/3 of the page), then I would try to add more lessons until I can maximise every page as much as possible.

For these non-tactile cards, there are no such considerations.  I think it is more convenient to print out the whole lot to laminate and use straightaway.  Hence, I consolidated the whole volume into one file.

The templates are here.


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