BWL : Sam’s Science Series

We are in the midst of SA1 exams.  While revising Science with #1 (Primary 5) last week, my hubby asked him what are white blood cells.  While he was thinking, his 5 year old little brother quipped,”White blood cells are cells that kill germs.”  Woah!  How did he know? So I asked him where he learned that from.  He told me he read about it in his Sam’s Science book.

Sam’s Science is a series of  four books on science topics for little kids.  They are written in story form using very simple language and very simple explanation that even little kids can understand.  Sam, the main character in the book, learns about various science topics through his conversations with his mother.  #2 and #3 enjoy the books, especially #3 who loves to read.

There are four books in the series :



I bought these books at one of those ad hoc book sales that take place at open spaces in malls.  If you cannot find them at one of those sales, they are available at The Book Depository (free worldwide shipping).

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