Unit Study : Chinese New Year

Last year, I created materials for a unit study for Chinese New Year for my (then) 4 year old.  The materials are mainly for lap booking.  This is how our lapbook looks like :









As part of the unit study, we also made a red packet envelope, Chinese New Year card, as well as practised writing couplets for the fun of it.



I realise that a lot of parents may not understand the significance of certain practices or know how to read some of the Chinese Characters.  Hence, I have included some explanations to help the parents along.  The unit study covers topics like :

1. The 12 zodiac signs

2. The name of Chinese New Year in Chinese

3. Couplets on the door posts

4. Vocabulary associated with Chinese New Year

and more.

This year we are not going to do another unit study on Chinese New Year but we are now reading some books on Chinese New Year.  I bought these books from Maha Yuyi :

This one is about the legend of the origin of Chinese New Year.

This story is about the 15th day of Chinese New Year, which is another important day in the new year period.  The 15th day is the last day and concludes the celebration.

The 2 books above do not have Hanyu Pinyin and are meant to be read-a-loud books for parents to read to preschoolers.

This book is actually part of a graded reader series but I bought only this book because I wanted a book on the story of how the 12 Zodiac animals came about.  Because it is part of a graded reader series, it is very simple, comes with Hanyu Pinyin, and my #3, who just turned 5 last week, can read most of the words.

I may create some materials based on one or more of these three books, depending on whether I have the time and inspiration.  Meanwhile, if you are interested in the unit study that was created last year, you can download it here :


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