Sigh! Site Issues. When it rains, it pours!

If you find the site looking strange, it is because it IS strange.  Recently, this site was hacked into and a malware was planted.  When removing the virus, the clever host inadvertently deleted a very crucial file.  As a result, the site could not load at all.  Since I am not a techie sort of person, and my hubby (though a techie) is hopeless at this sort of things, and I had quite a bit of problem explaining to the technical support of the hosting company that I could not be write a file from scratch and I did not hire an expensive web designer who could possible help me, the only thing to do was to turn off the whole thing and turn it back on again.

That I did.  Unfortunately, somehow, when I backed up my data the last time, I don’t know why by WP did not back up the media files, ie. the pictures.  Hence, all the pictures are now missing.  I also discovered that some of the links are gone.  Gah!  Argh!  It is really a bummer because I do not have all the pics anymore.

Then for some reason, I cannot do Chinese characters anymore.

Right now it is a really busy period for me, so I do not have time to slowly comb through the site to restore it.  So it will take time for things to go back to normal again.


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