Review : Emoti Talking Pen (易读宝)

During the June Holidays, I bought this Emoti Talking Pen at the Singapore Book Fair.  They had a booth there and were selling the pen for S$198, bundled with $70 worth of books.  Effectively, the pen cost S$128.  On its own, the retail price of the pen is S$168.

Normally, I would not buy anything remotely electronics without my techie husband around, especially when it costs more than a hundred dollars.  But on that day, I bought this without a second thought, much to my husband’s surprise.

This “pen” is not a pen for writing but a kind of pointer.  It is similar to what Leapfrog has.  Popular Bookstore has its own in-house system called i-Pen, which works with the Robin series of English children’s books.  For Chinese books, so far, I have only seen Emoti 易读宝.  In Chinese, this is called a 点读笔, which basically means “point and read pen”.

What do you do with this pen?  You point at the books and it will read for you!

First of all, you need to buy books that are tied up with the Pen, just like you need to get Leapfrog books for Leapfrog and not just any book.  Naturally, the company that sells the Pen, sells the books.

1. Point the pen at this Logo on the cover of the book.  This is to ‘let the pen know’ which book you are reading.

2. Point to the passage and the pen will read it for that page.

3. If you point at any of the characters, you get a ‘dramatised’ version of the story, with the character saying their own ‘lines’, which is not part of the actual passage.  My boys love to hear the characters talk.  This is still ok with me.  It is still exposure to the spoken language.

4. Wherever you point on the page, you will always get a sound.  Even if you point on a blank part, as I did in the picture, you will hear music.  My boys enjoy the music as much as the story.

5.  In every book, just inside the covers, you will find this icon.  Point at the icon and the book will read the story in its entirety.  The saleslady said that it is good for bedtime story reading.  Point at the icon to activate and leave the pen to do the bedtime reading for you!

6.  To adjust the volume, point at this icon.

As we all know, having a Chinese-speaking environment is important for the learning of the language.  Thus far, all I can do is to read story books daily, but this is still limited as we hardly speak Mandarin at home.  I bought this Pen to provide additional Chinese speaking environment for my boys.  At least they will get more exposure to the spoken language through this pen.  So far, the two younger boys (Ages 7 and 4) enjoy using the Pen.  I am thankful that they are not turned off just because it is Chinese!!

As for the books, although I cannot say that Emoti currently has a huge range of good quality children books to go with its pen, the range of books they have right now is sufficient and they do have a few good series, such as this 笨笨猪 series by famous children books author, 杨红樱.

I also bought this series of Chinese Character books for the 4 year old to supplement what he is learning from 四五快读.

The inside of the books look like this.  Just like the story books, you can point at any part of the book and there will be something there.

They also have books on Hanyu Pinyin and even English!!  They have books suitable for very young children to older school children.  Now they even have Enghlish-Chinese phrase books for adults!

Besides selling books, Emoti also sells icon stickers for the Pen.  As I explained earlier, you point the pen at different icons for the pen to execute different commands.  The icon stickers consist of a “record” icon and a “playback” icon  and this allows you to record your voice and playback.  What this means is that you can stick a sticker onto any book you own, point at the ‘record’ icon to record your own reading, and your child can point at the ‘playback’ icon to listen to your reading any time.  You can also get your children to read the book and record his own reading, and then playback for him to listen to himself!  It only costs $10 for a whole book of stickers.

My techie husband loves the fact that the pen appears as a thumb drive when you plug it to your computer.  You don’t have to download any special software into your computer before you can make the Pen and your computer talk to each other.  You can add files and delete files just as you would for any thumb drive.  Nothing complicated at all.

When I first bought the Pen, the Pen was already pre-loaded with the audio for all the books that Emoti was selling at that time.  As Emoti brings in new books to sell, if I buy the new books, all I have to do is to go to Emoti website to download the audio file and save it to the Pen directly.  Some of the series come with their own CDs, which contain the audio file so you don’t have to download from the website.  If I run out of space, all I need to do is to delete some audio files that I am not using to make more space.  Since I don’t buy all the books, there is more than enough space.  I don’t think I have mentioned it earlier.  The pen has a capacity of 4G of memory.

As for power supply, all you have to do is just to plug it to a power source to charge.  It comes with a USB cable.  No change of batteries required.  The pen will auto shutdown after a while.  Before it does so, if the pen is left idle for a while, it will say ‘Children, don’t leave me alone!‘ (In Mandarin, of course.)  I think this is very cute.  This is to remind the kids to switch it off if they are not using it.

The downside is that the books only go with this particular pen.  So if Emoti discontinued this Pen, and your old Pen is not working any more, you can’t use the books you have with other reading pens, unless they use the same system and reads the same format.  Still, all is not lost if such unfortunate scenario comes to pass.  The books are still perfectly good for reading.  Just that you or your child has to do your own reading instead of having a pen to read to you.

All in all, I am very pleased with this product.  In fact, I just visited the Popular BookFest at  Suntec Convention Centre to buy more books for the boys.  They are very happy with the new books.  If you are not very good at reading Chinese, I think this would be a good investment to have some Chinese reading time with your child.  You may still need to sit down with him to read together.  At least you don’t have to worry about reading the words yourself anymore.

Right now, at the BookFest, Emoti is selling this Pen at $198, with $80 worth of books thrown in.  You can pick and choose whatever books you like up to the amount.  If you want to buy more books, they are giving a 10% discount on books alone.  Emoti is available in quite a few book shops and educational toys shop.  Check their website for more information.

Update : I just remembered that there is a new brand of Chinese reading pen.  I believe it is also available in Popular and I have seen the booth at the current BookFest.  It looks like a cute tiger.  I had a quick look at it at the BookFest.  They do not have as many books as Emoti Pen, and the books that they have are not as good as the ones that Emoti has.  Hence, for now, I would still go for Emoti.

14 Replies to “Review : Emoti Talking Pen (易读宝)

  1. Hi

    May I ask what model is that? The one sold in Singapore. I tried to look at the website but it seem they have quite a lot of models.

  2. Hi. There is actually another brand of Talking Pen distributed by Olives Education in Singapore. You can find more information on the products at I heard from some parents their “My Reader” Talking Pen and materials actually ranked top among talking pens. Their product and sound quality are also very good. I heard Olives is participating in 16-18 March 2012 Education Fair at Expo. I hope they will offer interesting bundle deals then. I will surely want to visit them at the fair!

    1. Thanks for the heads up, Isaac. I don’t think I have seen this before at any of the fairs (or shops) so far, so I have not had a chance to compare the products.

  3. I m vy keen in tis emoti pen n i hv friend in shengzheng who can buy for me at lower price. Could u advise information printed on e box eg. Factory contact or china retailer information? Greatly appreciate. Hope to hear u soon.

  4. Hi there

    Is the Chinese taught in these books China Mandarin or Singapore Mandarin? I’ve been told there is a big difference (much like British English and American English). Hope someone has an answer for me.


    1. Hi, I am assuming you are not from Singapore. Officially, the Chinese taught and use here in Singapore is Mandarin/Chinese of Mainland China (i.e. not Taiwan, not HK, not Malaysia). This means the Chinese taught in school, used in the media, in books, etc, are all according to Mainland China’s Chinese standard. Some of the vocabulary can be unique to the local context. E.g. public bus is known as 巴士 bā shì whereas in China, it is known as 公交车 gōng jiāo chē. Such differences exist across all Chinese speaking communities. But just like British English vs American English, native speakers from both countries usually have no problem understanding each other despite the differences unless their accents are too thick.

      These books from Emoti are all read in the proper official pronunciation. Most of the books are from China and the characters are the simplified ones used in Mainland China.

      1. This EXTREMELY HELPFUL information!
        THANK YOU! My sister is now in Beijing and trying to study Chinese there. I’m getting her this Emoti and audiobooks for Christmas and my Koko (Singaporean brother-in-law) wants me to assure that the books use China pronunciation and not Singaporean Chinese. Thank you for this detailed response!

  5. I have see that in singapore there is another brand call pen pal whizz. I am not sure if i would like to buy the pen pal whizz or emoti talking pen. How long do you use this emoti talking pen? really appreciate your respond. Plan to buy for my 3 years old son.

    1. If I am not wrong, Emoti is actually the market leader in China, which means they actually have a wider selection of books compared to other brands. According to Emoti Sg, they are also working on local content (although I am really not sure how much of there is of this). I have not heard of pen pal whizz myself, so I cannot do a comparison between the two. My emoti pen is still working well and in fact, I am in the midst of arranging for an upgrade to the newer model and maybe even getting some more books. Hope this answers your question.

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