New Menu

I added a new top menu with the different categories, e.g. Breastfeeding, Homemaker’s Place.  If you click on a Category or Sub-Category, you will reach a page with a listing of all the articles under that particular category.  This will make it easier to find articles.  Click on any article title and it should bring to the the article itself.

How is this different from the Category Menu on the right?  If you click on a Category on the menu on the right ( we will call it the Right Menu), you will see a page with the beginning of the articles.  You will have to click on ‘Older Posts’ to browse further because the page cannot contain all the articles under that category.  In other words, you won’t be able to see all the articles under that category at a glance.  The new Menu just below the Header Picture will allow you to do that.



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