Butterfly Craft

I was inspired by this blog post to do this butterfly craft with #3.  It is a very simple craft that took us 3 days to complete because I did not want to rush.

Day 1 : Take a piece of drawing paper.  Paint patches of different colour on it using water colour.  It does not matter if the patches of colours overlap each other, or even if there patches of white spaces here and there.

Day 2 : Cover a piece of canvas with acrylic paint.  Had to do two coats at least for best effect.  My little one, who is taking art lesson from an art school right now, was the one who told me that it is necessary to paint the edges of the canvas too!  So now you know : I am quite hopeless at art, which is why I have to outsource art.

Day 3 : I cut the drawing paper that was painted the day before into strips and got the boy to punch butterflies out using a craft punch. I would have loved to use a bigger punch but what we had was the biggest I could find.

Day 4 : After punching out the butterflies, they were glued onto the canvas using hot glue.  Of course, I was the one who handled the hot glue.  #3 was in charge of sticking the butterflies on the canvas.


The final product.  It is now hanging on the wall of my hallway.

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