Site Major Overhaul!

If you are looking for Parentingjoy, you are at the right place.  🙂

I just did a major revamp of the site and now it is running on a blog platform instead of the old CMS platform.  99% of the content have been imported from the old version.  The 1% discarded are deemed irrelevant.  This process has taken months and a lot of effort but I am happy that it is done and hopefully, things will be easier to manage from now on.

The menu system is pretty much the same as the old version.  If you look at the “Category” on the right side, you will see the same categories.  Basically, things got a bit rearranged but overall, they are still where they are supposed to be.

There are still bits and pieces of adjustments I am going to make before I am completely satisfied.  So don’t be surprised if you keep seeing changes (hopefully, nothing major).

Have fun going through the new version. : )

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