Sìwǔkuàidú 四五快读 Chinese Character Cards Templates

The follow templates are meant to be used in conjunction with the  Siwukuaidu 四五快读 word recognition system. You can, of course, use these cards to teach your child without having to buy the books. However, the books provide other teaching resources that will enhance the learning. I strongly recommend that you buy the books – I don’t earn any commission from anyone for pushing these books.

Please read the Terms of Use before downloading.

Tactile Cards Template

To learn how to make tactile cards, please read the instructions.

These templates are also available in consolidated zip file format from the SHOP.  You pay a small charge for the convenience.

Non-Tactile Cards

Volume 1 – Tactile Cards

Volume 2 – Tactile Cards

Volume 3 – Tactile Cards

Volume 4 – Tactile Cards

Volume 5 – Tactile Cards

Volume 6 – Tactile Cards

9 Replies to “Sìwǔkuàidú 四五快读 Chinese Character Cards Templates

  1. Hello, I try to download lesson 2&3 tactile card here but the content seems to b the same as lesson 1. could you kindly advise? thank you

    1. Hi, the file is actually correct. It is the file name that is wrong. I have already corrected the file name. Go ahead and download the file. 🙂

  2. Hi hi, I am trying to make some character cards of my own. Can you advise which fonts are good for Chinese characters (I’m new to this, as you know d:) ) and also teach me how to make the word just an outline please?

    1. I am using “Kai” or similar. To make outline, go to Format Font and under the Effects section where you can select “strikethrough, superscript, emboss, etc”, select outline.

  3. Hi Angela, your link is not available to download for Volume 4 Lesson 43 and 44 tactile card, could you assist? Thank you for making those files available! I would like to make my own chinese characters too! I totally have no idea!! what software to use?

    1. I simply use a word processing software. In the case of the Siwukuaidu files, I used MS Word. I also use Apple Pages for other files. You only need to choose Chinese character fonts. As for keyboard input, I am not sure about PC cos I use a Mac. Eons ago, when I used a PC, I used to have to download a software to do that but I am sure things must have progressed since then.

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