BWL : Mouse Mess

This book is special to us so I will start off with this book.  When #1 was little, we borrowed this book from the library and we loved the book.  So much so that we kept borrowing this book again and again.  By the time #2 was a toddler, I finally decided to buy a copy to keep.  Now all 3 boys have enjoyed this book.

The story is about a little mouse that came out to feast when the humans in the house went to bed.  He created such a great mess and yet at the end, wondered who created the mess and complained that the humans need to clean their house.  The language is simple and written in the style of a rhyme.  The author uses collage, bold colours and interesting perspective effect – mouse view –  to create a great illustration for the story.  There are a lot to talk about. To name a few :
1. Language art – rhymes
2. Science – habits of a mouse
3. Science – different types of food
4. Social Study – Hygiene
5. Art – Use of collage and perspective

Although this book is not on any of the common To-Read list, I really think it is a great children book.  You can buy this book from here.