BWL : 忘了说我爱你

I love this new platform.  Now I can type Chinese characters!  So I can share the Chinese children story books that we love.

My children love this book.  Which child won’t? This is a story about cuddling and loving from mom.  In the story,  mother bear tries to get her son to get ready quickly so that they can make it to the childcare centre in time, so that mother bear won’t be late for work.  But little bear drags his feet, more interested in trivial things, like feeding his favourite toy bunny breakfast, and fooling around.  Finally, mother bear loses her temper and confiscates the toy bunny.  In her hurry, she left her son at the childcare centre without saying ‘I love you’ to him.  Little bear is sad and upset because mommy has forgotten to say ‘I love you’, and to make things worse, he does not have his toy bunny (a proxy of mommy) to comfort him.  Just when he starts to cry, mother bear comes back with the toy bunny, cuddles him, dries his tears and tells him “I love you”.  Work and punctuality are all forgotten.

Call Maha Yuyi to check for book availability if you are not ordering from Dang Dang (当当网).  Yuyi may be able to order the book for you if it is not available.

Note : This book does not have Hanyu Pinyin.


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