Books and Youtube

Since I started teaching #3 at home, i have grown to love Youtube.  Youtube was great but now it is even better.  I used to think I can find practically everything I want to find on Youtube, including forgotten songs , movie clips and video instructions for doing practically everything from fixing the sink to doing up the perfect eye makeup.  What I didn’t know was that I really can find practically everything on Youtube!  I can even find valuable resources to go with my home teaching!

Are you unfamiliar with Hanyu Pinyin, for instance?  Fret not because you just need to do a search on Youtube and you can find numerous video lessons teaching you Hanyu Pinyin pronunciations.  No need to spend money buying some teaching aid when you can have it for free!

Instead of buying CDs or videos of children songs and nursery rhymes, I just go to Youtube for it.

If I need to learn a particular song, again, Youtube comes to the rescue.

My favourite has to be finding book-related Youtube videos!  I found out that I can find videos clips of popular children books on Youtube.  Whenever I do a certain book with #3 – studying more in-depth, not just casual reading – Youtube makes the lesson more interesting. I saved so much money by going to Youtube instead of buying videos, which may not even be available locally.

E.g. When we do Madeline, I showed him the cartoon for Madeline on Youtube.

He learned the Chicka Chicka Boom Boom song from here :

And the song from the book ABC Bunny, which I really love myself :

Pat Hutchin’s Rosie’s Walk is great for teaching prepositions. But the book may look too simple and boring if the person reading isn’t good at drawing out the interesting points.  However, the video will make the book come alive :

I even found an old Disney video of Virginia Lee Burton’s The Little House!

Michael Rosen, the author himself, performing his well-loved children book, “We Are Going on a Bear Hunt”.

Enjoy the videos above. You can find more yourself.  It is easy.  Most of all, I hope you will also enjoy the books!