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When I was writing about reading, I realised that perhaps there are some of you out there who may need a bit more help in deciding what books to read or buy for your children.  Hence, the idea of sharing the books that we have read and love with you came to me.  I am going to start doing it here.  Both English and Chinese books will be featured.   It will be a bit different from the Reviews in a sense that I am just going to feature a book every now and then without doing a big write-up of the book.  I will put a link to Book Depository where you can find the books and it is easy enough for you to find out synopsis from there.

Basically, it will just be a short and sweet, bite size kind of thing, just to share about the books that we have read and love.  I can put a link to the English books but it will be hard for me to do so for Chinese books, so I will just put a pic.  The links to the English books to Book Depository will be affiliated links so if you do decide to buy, please click on those links so that you can contribute to the upkeep of this site as well. : )
Over here on Parenting Joy, I will probably just start a new page with simply a booklist of children’s books that I have featured so that if you run out of ideas, you can have this list as a reference.  I was thinking that the main sharing place will be on Facebook, which is the fastest and easiest way to do this bite size thing.  So if you have not already ‘LIKE’ Parentingjoy’s Facebook page, head over now to ‘LIKE’ it.  I typically share lots of bite size information on parenting and what-not there, as well as share some photos of what we are doing at home in terms of homeschooling and learning, art projects, snack boxes, etc.  I also periodically give out links of downloadable stuff that are not yet available here.  It is also a place to connect with me, if you are interested.  You can leave comments, send message to me, ask me questions, etc.  If you do not subscribe to the feed for this site, you will also be able to get notified of updates on this site if you are on Parentingjoy’s Facebook page.

Ok, I am going to start by the end of the week with the 1st book so look out for it.

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