Alphabet Train Wall Mural

Although I hated to have to stick things on my walls, I had to succumb to the need to have teaching aid stuck on the wall for frequent exposure and ease of review. As I am teaching #3 the alphabets right now, I made this alphabet train mural. Each time we finish one alphabet, he gets to stick one train car on the wall. It gives him a sense of achievement to see his train getting longer.

The train on the wall is useful for frequent exposure as well as for alphabet reviews. I also made another set of cards to be used with this train for review of beginning sound. (See picture below.) I will make this available later on.

Instructions :

1. Print the train carriages (the ones with the alphabets) on colour stock card. If you do 1 colour for 1 page, you will end up with a nice train with carriages of different colours. I deliberately jumbled up the alphabets so that you won’t end up with the same colours together.

2. For the train engine, since it is already coloured, print on white stock card. Please note that the train engine is different from the one in the picture above.

3. Laminate and cut out. I stick them to the wall with BluTac.

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