Parentingjoy is Now on Facebook & Twitter

I am most tickled to announce that Parentingjoy has now caught up with times and is now on Facebook and Twitter.I am tickled because as tech-illiterate as I am, I managed to fumble my way to set things up on FB and Twitter.  OK, I do have a personal FB account and frankly FB has made my life as a SAHM much more interesting and helped me to be more connected with friends. So I am not entirely new to Facebook. But setting up stuff like  codes and link and buttons and stuff is another thing altogether.

So anyway, it has been done and you can visit the Facebook page here.   Somehow or another, which I can’t really understand, the page is also linked to Twitter.  So you can also follow Parentingjoy on Twitter.  Hmmm…..

If you look at the menu bar on the left, you will also see a <SHARE> button that will allow you to share this site on many other social media sites, Facebook, Twitter and MySpace being the major ones.  You can also share via email and blogs.  Click on the button and look for your preferred platform.  Because of this neat little button, I have removed the original function of [Recommend this Site].  Sooner or later, I might even remove the [Contact Me] option because you can simply leave a message on the Facebook Wall, isn’t it?  I have to explore this further….

Seriously though, it is much easier and faster for me to make quick updates on Facebook than on this site here, so it is likely that you will see more new things, and faster, on the Facebook page.  For instance, I have already uploaded several links to my downloads.  I will also share snippets of information there, which I can’t really write much about here.  So if you like everything to be instant, if you like interesting little snippet updates and news, be sure to “LIKE” Parentingjoy Facebook Page.

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