Alphabet Memory Card Game

In Free Preschool Printables, I shared my ‘Alphabet Memory Game‘. As I was using this with my little one, I realised that I should probably give some instructions here about how the cards are to be used and not assume that everyone will know what ‘Memory Game’ is or how it can be used in the teaching of Alphabets.

First of all, the background :

1. I am teaching my #3 the 3R’s at home myself. On the average, we do one alphabet a week. We are almost done with all the alphabets already.

2. I teach him the alphabets phonetically, which means he does not know B as ‘bee’ but ‘buh, C as ‘see’ but as ‘kuh’. In other words, he is learning beginning sound and the short sound of the alphabets. Hence, you will not see ‘giraffe’ paired with G because to him, G is ‘guh’, not ‘juh’.

This is how I use this set of cards. Firstly, as Memory Game. I select about 5 pairs of Alphabet – Picture, turn them face down, and ask him to open two cards, one at a time. If he opened an alphabet card, I would ask him to tell me what the alphabet is. This is to make sure he knows the sound of the alphabet. Then he is to open another card to find the picture that matches the alphabet. If the second card is not a match, both cards are closed again. If he opens a picture card first, I would ask him what the picture is (e.g. an apple). Then, I would ask him what alphabet he must look for to match the picture. This is to reinforce the understanding of beginning sound.

Because he is only 3.5 year old, I cannot expect him to be able to play with all 52 cards at once. Hence, you should determine how many pair of cards your child can handle at one go. If I am using this game as a form of reinforcement of what he just learned, I would select the last few alphabets that he has learned. If I am using this game as a form of review, then I will also select alphabets that he has learned much earlier on.

Another way of using the cards is to simple lay them all out and ask the child to match alphabet to pictures. This is the most straight forward way. Alternatively, it can be used in a manner that resembles the game ‘Snap’. Child selects one card from the stack, and the Adult then lay out the remaining cards one at a time. The Child yells ‘SNAP’ when he sees a card that matches the one he has chosen. This is a bit more tedious but suitable for a child who cannot understand the rules of a proper game of “Snap”. I doubt an older kid who understands the rules of ‘Snap’ would be interested in alphabets. : )

Of course, you can simply use this card to teach the alphabets.

Lastly, instructions on how to make the cards :

1. Print the pdf file out on card paper. I use 160gsm paper.

2. Laminate and cut into individual cards.

3. If you want to protect little hands from sharp corners, snip off the 4 corners of each card to make rounded corners.

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