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Free Delivery on all Books at the Book Depository
I just tried a newly discovered online bookshop – Book Depository – and am totally impressed.

Most of us who have tried buying from before will know that the shipping charges is the killer.  Personally, I don’t buy from Amazon unless I really can’t find the item anywhere else and the only reason why I used to sign on to Amazon’s affiliate programme is because there wasn’t anything better.

Then I found Book Depository and gave it a try.  Cheapskate as I am, I first compared prices among a few local online bookshops.  Most of the time, Book Depository comes up the cheapest.  Even when it is not the cheapest, if you take shipping & delivery charges into consideration, then again, it wins.

The best things about Book Depository are :

1. Free Worldwide Shipping. 

As we know, shipping & delivery charges can be quite expensive so not having to pay for it is definitely a big plus.

2. No Minimum Purchase

Most online shop charges S&D based on quantum of purchase.  E.g. for purchases up to $100, you pay a certain S&D fee, and for $100-$200, you pay another fee.  When the site provides free shipping, usually it has a certain minimum purchase, e.g. $80 and above to get free shipping.  Amazon provides free shipping on certain items but only for delivery within US.  People like us who live outside the US will need to use services like vPost, which in turn charges us an exorbitant fee, which then defeats the whole purpose.

Since Book Depository does not charge for S&D, it means that you can make your purchase even if you only have 1 item to buy.  You don’t have to wait until you have a few items to maximise the S&D or to get free delivery.  The best part is that this applies worldwide.

3. Reasonable Delivery Time Frame

It took about 8-10 days for me to get my purchase.  This is pretty good because normally, if I were to pay for the cheapest possible overseas S&D charge, it usually takes like 6 weeks for me to get my purchases via the slowest possible mode of shipping.

Other Considerations

1. Items come separately.

The strange thing about Book Depository is that you get your books one at a time, packed separately, instead of the whole purchase together.  You may or may not get them all on the same day.  I am not sure this is a bad point, but it is something you may want to know.

2. Return Policy and Procedure

I have not tried this yet, so I can’t say whether their Return Policy and Procedures are user friendly or not.

3. Currencies

You can select different currencies : USD, AUSD, Euro, CAN$, British pound, and SG$.

I have always been upfront about affiliated links.  Maintenance of the site costs money and if I can find ways to defray the cost, I will.  So right now, I have decided to change all my affiliated links to direct readers to Book Depository instead of Amazon.  Frankly, I do not know which one pays better because I am hopeless at working out commission and payment structure.  All I know is that my readers, especially those in Asia,  will probably like Book Depository more than Amazon because of the free shipping.  Writing this review is not for the purpose to get readers to click on the links so that I get some commission but because I am really excited about this online shop and think that readers will like to know about this.  Of course, if you decide to give Book Depository a try, I will appreciate very much if you send some clicks my way. : )

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