Baby No Bumps

Purpose : Protecting Babies from bumps

Likes :

A friend of mine passed me this baby helmet and I found it really quite useful.

When babies start to sit up and then crawl, they tend to suffer some bumps here and there.  No major issue usually, except for some amount of pain which is quite harmless.  Still, which parent won’t want to eliminate even that pain?

My 7 months old has been using this since he was able to sit up and we started giving him more floor time for the exercise.  When he first started sitting up, he was not very stable and would tip and fall when he lost his balance.  No harm done.  This helmet cushioned the falls and he suffered no pain.

In case you are thinking of making something like this yourself using polyfibre foam, take note that it will not work.  The polyfibre foam that you get from craft and sewing shops will not cushion the impact.   What you need is high density foam, which this helmet is made of.

The helmet size is adjustable using Velcro fastening.  If you need it tighter, it is quite easy to sew on additional velcro.  The whole head is not covered (like wearing a hat) for better ventilation.  However, I find that my baby still gets rather sweaty around the covered area.

The slight down side is that your baby may not be used to wearing something on his head and want to pull it off all the time.  The helmet is secured by two strings tied under the chin but the child can still tug at those strings.  Nevertheless, after a while, they do get used to wearing it.  I only wish it comes with a chin guard as well!

Dislikes :

If I have to say something that I don’t like about this gear, it would be the price.  $41.50 is not something that I will pay for something like this, even though I do like it. Other than the price, as I mentioned above, minor issues would be things like the baby trying to pull it off, a little sweaty around the covered area, and the fact that there is no chin guard (which I really need).

Verdict :

It is not absolutely necessary but it is good fun and useful to have around.   Where to Get : For more product information, check out the US website.  This helmet can be bought locally fromCuties Juniors.

Price : $41.50