Review : Sleep Solutions for Your Baby, Toddler & Preschooler by Ann Douglas

Ann Douglas is the author of The Mother of All Pregnancy Books. To be honest, I have not read any of her other books because I thought they belong to the Idiot’s Guide or Dummies book series, and such series usually only scratch the surface of the topic. Nothing wrong with that, except I generally prefer to go deeper than the surface unless I am really an idiot in that particular topic and prefer not to be overloaded with too much information.

But I could be wrong. This particular book is actually quite okay. It differentiates itself by covering the topic on Sleep from the mother’s point of view, and giving a comprehensive overview of the issue by covering views from all camps. It also incorporates inputs from mothers who have been-there-done-that.

As for myself, I have 3 terrible sleepers. Since I have already read quite a few books on baby sleep over the years, including some ‘famous’ ones, I find that this book does not provide much new information or insight, much to my disappointment. Whatever was covered by the book, I have already read from other books.

However, if you have not read any other books on baby sleep, this book could be quite useful for you. It is relatively simple to read and it does try to explain the technical stuff in plain language. At the same time, it goes beyond scratching the surface and has quite a bit of substance in it. You will be able to understand baby sleep and get a comprehensive overview of all the different views on baby sleep. Yes, there are plenty of different views, some completely contradicting one another. E.g. to sleep together with your baby vs to let your baby sleep separately from you. You will find in this book a listing of the different methods and their pros and cons.

And after reading this book, if you find that the information is not enough for you, the author provides a whole list of recommended readings, websites and organisations for your reference.

One minor point to note : even though the author claims that she tries to provide an unbiased coverage of the different schools of thought, her bias still seeps through the pages. It is quite evident to me which school of thought she is inclined towards.