Sew Your Own Breastpads

Sewing your own breastpads is incredibly easy. Trust me. I can’t sew. Have never learned. One fine day, I just went to buy myself a simple sewing machine (not just because I want to sew breastpads but because I thought I should learn some sewing), some sewing notions, and a copy of “Sewing for Dummies” and taught myself some simple sewing. Since then, besides sewing breastpads and making simple alteration on my clothes, I have also sewn some simple costumes for my kids. Definitely far from tailor standard but good enough for some fun. So if I can do it, so can you.

I sewed my own breastpads when I was pregnant with my second baby. It turned out to be a wonderful project. It was easy and the breastpads were incredibly useful. They were even leak proof, so I really saved LOTS of money on disposable breastpads. In fact, I didn’t have to buy any!

Pictorial Sewing Guide – Sew Contoured Breastpads


1. Fleece

– you can buy from Spotlight, or just buy fleece blanket from bedding section of department stores and cut them up.

2. Flannel

– Also available from Spotlight. You may be able to find printed or coloured ones from textile shops in Chinatown or Arab Street. I bought my white nappy flannel from Arab Street.

3. Notions like tailor chalk/pen, thread and needle, of course.


1. First, you need to cut out the fabric into circular shape. If you already own some breastpads, or disposable breastpads, you can use them as a guide. For me, I use my sauce dish to draw circles with.

2. You need to determine how thick you want your breastpad to be, or the thickness your machine can take. For me, I use 4 layers of flannel with 1 layer of fleece. In total, it will be 5 layers per breastpad.

3. Cut two slits on every piece of circle. (See Pic 1) Do not cut right to the middle of the circle. For efficiency, stack all your fabrics (per breastpad) together before cutting them all at once.


Pic 1

4. Separate the fleece from the flannel.

5. Stack all 4 pieces of flannel together and overlap the cut slit, as shown in Pic 2 & 3.

Image Image

Pic 2                                                                      Pic 3

6. Sew down the cut slits using zigzag stitch, like for button holes. I think most basic, electric machine should have this stitch option. If you are new at sewing, I suggest you try it on a scrap fabric first until you get the hang of it.

7. Do the same for both slits. You will now have 4 pieces of flannel all sewn together and looking contoured like this (Pic 4) :


Pic 4

8. Repeat the same sewing process for 1 piece of fleece.

9. Next stack the flannel and the fleece together, with the ‘wrong side’ facing each other. To put it simply, the raw edges of the slits should be concealed within the breastpads.

10. Now, using zigzag stitch again, sew the fleece and flannel together around the circular edge of the pieces. Don’t worry too much about sewing right at the edge. If you want to be extra secure, sew around the edges again using straight stitch. My machine comes with the option of a zigzag cum straight stitch. You can use this if yours come with this option too.

The stitch should look something like :


The zigzag part on the outter rim, while the straight stitch part in the inner rim. I hope this is clear. If not, don’t worry and just go ahead with the zigzag stitch.

11. Once you are done, trim off the raw edges to make your breastpad neater. Be careful not to cut the stitches. The finished product should look like this (Pic 5) :


Pic 5

Don’t worry if your breastpads look a bit pointy at first. When you are using them, your breasts and your bra cups will sort will mold them and they will be nicely contoured. When you are wearing them, put the flannel side next to your breasts and the fleece side next to your bra. That way, your breastpads will be leak proof.

Laundry tip : put them in a laundry net before throwing them into the machine to wash.

It takes practice to perfect your skills so don’t be too discouraged if your first few breastpads don’t turn out nice. Remember to have fun with this project!